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These are all the projects that have been added to Pipeline.

A new recruitment microsite
A single view of our property and asset management data
A technical discovery phase to identify where to store housing management data and manage migration
An asset system for managing our fleet
An open data standard for planning applications
Booking Spaces and Equipment
Building an information asset register
Commercial estates - asset management software
CRM for Neighbourhood Contact Centre
Develop a digital service to enable users to submit, view and comment on a Planning Application
Develop Pipeline into a portfolio reporting tool which supports collaboration
Develop prototype tools to support a local approach to children’s safeguarding
Developing a minimum viable Business Index
Developing a pattern library
Developing a single view of our citizens
Developing an open user research library
Digitising discharge of care
Digitising the grievance process
Discovery and development of a minimum viable service for Temporary Accommodation
Discovery phase and development of an MVP for a ‘Hackney Welcome’ service
Discovery phase for Hackney Agile Lifecycle
GLA Open Project System
GLA-OPS - code made public
GLA-OPS - introduction of staged assessments of grant bids
Implementing the new library management system
Improve the customer experience and extend the features of raising a repair to a Hackney property
Improving content and templates for businesses
Improving Pay My Rent
Introduce Servitor for sub-contractors
Manage a repair
Manage a Tenancy
Manage arrears for non-secure rent accounts, major works and service charges
Migrating major works billing to Universal Housing
Migrating social care records from Comino
Migrating the website and intranet to GOSS’ cloud
Neighbourhood working
Neighbourhood working
Onboarding the Health Information Exchange
Online property licensing for houses of multiple occupancy and selective licensing
Report a problem
Reporting a change of circumstance
REST APIs for asbestos database
Robotics Process Automation for council tax
UK Planning Scraper
Upgrading 1st Touch mobile platform