29 September 2014 to 31 October 2014


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Surrey Heath Borough Council

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We have converted much of our historic Planning archive to electronic format. Those archived documents are stored in our corporate EDRM platform. Public Sector Network compliance dictates that members of the public wanting to access that archive have to do so via a machine that is not connected to our network, and is therefore unable to access the corporate EDRMS. The solution we have selected to solve this problem is open source EDRMS implementation on a stand alone PC that does not have access to our network or the internet. This will allow members of the public to access the historic Planning archive and Surrey Heath to maintain its PSN compliance.


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    We too place our planning documents in our EDRMS solution and suffer from the same issue you're dealing with here. We're currently working on a Planning Applications Viewer solution (application status details, not the documents) and I'm keen to see where the similarities here might lay.