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These are all the projects that have been added to Pipeline.

1st Touch: Upgrading Electrical Forms
360 degree Planning portal upgrade
A common data model for Children's Services
A new recruitment microsite
A single view of our property and asset management data
A technical discovery phase to identify where to store housing management data and manage migration
Access to Services for Children Services
Accessing a Registrar Service at Hackney Council
Adult social care information, advice and guidance (design in social care programme)
An asset system for managing our fleet of vehicles and related equipment
An onboarding tool for Product Owners and Service Managers
An open data standard for planning applications
API Factory
Back-office Planning System (BoPS) - Alpha phase
Becoming an adoptive parent
Being an employee of Buckinghamshire County Council
Better case management of FOI and SAR requests
Better signposting to non-statutory services for adults
Bike Hanger Project
Bin Collection Alert Texts
Biometric Visa Applications
Blue Badge
Booking Spaces and Equipment
Booking System
Borough of Culture project management
Borough of Culture Website
Brent Business Portal
Brent Youth website
Building a better local picture of poverty in Hackney
Building a better understanding of poverty
Building a Job Descriptions and Job Evaluation Register
Building a 'Living in Hackney' web map prototype
Building an accessibility lab at Hackney
Building an information asset register
Case Managment System Implementation
Catering Website
Chatbot - customer services
Chatbot - housing
Chatbot - Planning Service
Citizens' Assembly - Hate Crime
Citizens' Assembly - Hate Crime
Civica W2 MI Toolset
Climate Emergency Commission
CMS Replacement & SharePoint Decoupling
Codeman: Asset Management Software Upgrade
Commercial estates - asset management software
Common service pattern for Housing repairs online (Local Digital Fund)
Common service pattern for online housing repairs
Community groups booking free or low cost meeting spaces (Hackney Space Bank)
Connected Kingston
Connecting Communities - Gender Inequality
Connecting Communities - Gender Inequality
Connecting Communities - Welcome Pack
Connecting Communities Programme Review
Connectivity Programme
Contact Centre Telephony Refresh - Cloud
Corporate Customer Experience Programme
Corporate EDM
Corporate Printing Solution
Corporate Website Replacment (1804)
Correspondence system replacement
Council Tax Reminder Texts
Creation of a Maidstone Customer Account
Creation of a training product for developers to meet the API standard
Crime Scanner
CRM for corporate contact centre
CRM for Neighbourhood Contact Centre (NCC)
Cross local government user research: asking for help with social care
Cross local government user research: asking for help with social care
Customer service chat bot
Data analytics platform for social care
Data Lake
Design and build a family information service
Design and build a family information service
Design and build a website for the new Buckinghamshire Council
Designing a definitive estate boundary mapping layer
Designing the digital front door for adult services
Develop a digital service to enable users to submit, view and comment on a Planning Application
Develop Pipeline into a portfolio reporting tool which supports collaboration
Develop prototype tools to support a local approach to children’s safeguarding
Developing a minimum viable Business Index
Developing a pattern library
Developing a single view of our citizens
Developing an open user research library
Developing the OpenCommunity standard for community services data
DevOps Practices
Digital card/wallet for ActiveWestminster and other card or membership services
Digital Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Digital exclusion and inclusion in Local Government
Digital Fostering
Digital Month 2019
Digital Month Campaign and Set up
Digital Postroom (1723)
Digital Skills
Digital Support Services
Digitising discharge of care
Digitising the grievance process
Discovery and development of a minimum viable service for Temporary Accommodation
Discovery into improving digital collaboration between Local Authorities
Discovery phase and development of an MVP for a ‘Hackney Welcome’ service
Discovery phase for a user-centred back office (town) planning system
Discovery phase for Hackney Agile Lifecycle
Discovery phase to enable Leaseholders and Tenants to book Gas Safety Checks online
Discovery Project - Early Help Data
Early Years Integration with CNWL Systmone
ECB - Leyton Sports Ground Phase 2 -Arts Block
Education, Health and Care Plans
Electronic Consultations
Employee Journey
Establish Families Portfolio
Establish Families Portfolio
Events booking system- search/view/book onto HCC courses and events
Exploring how IoT (Internet of Things) devices can enable vulnerable residents to be more independent in their home, promoting preventative intervention augmented by AI
Exploring how local authorities can effectively engage people and develop their cultures to successfully implement digital transformation
Exploring the measurement of the value created by the planning system (planning value) to better inform decision making at a case, policy and authority level
Exploring the use of Business Intelligence (BI) within a planning department to better inform decision making.
Exploring the value of open-source practices and communities so that local authorities may benefit from shared, reusable technical capabilities
Extending Track a Repair to RCC agents
Facilities Management Review
Family Context - Digital solutions for improving decisions on support for vulnerable children
Find and apply for a job
Find and apply for a job
Finding support services near you (formerly known as Directory of Services)
Foster Carer recruitment
Fotobook Proof of Concept
Gateshead Digital Planning Tool
Gender Pay Gap strategy delivery
Gigabit Borough/Connectivity (Part 1)
GIS Project
GLA Open Project System
GLA-OPS - code made public
GLA-OPS - introduction of staged assessments of grant bids
Gov Notify Bulky Text Reminder
GOV.UK Pay as a viable alternative e-payment provider (Local Digital Exemplar Project)
GovTech London
GovTech London
Hackney Design system, manual, and toolkits
Health & Social Care Infomation Sharing Phase 1 (1750)
Homeowner Portal For Planning Information
Housing Income
Housing income Management - Leaseholders
Housing Income Management - Rent
Housing Income Management - Temp Accommodation
Housing Needs End to End Service Review
Housing Programme Management
Housing Register
Housing Register
Implementing Azure Active Directory B2C
Implementing the new library management system
Improve the customer experience and extend the features of raising a repair to a Hackney property
Improving content and templates for businesses
Improving Libraries Technology
Improving Pay My Rent
In-house performance management system
Insurance Claims Online
Internet of Things platform for adult care
Introduce Servitor for sub-contractors
Joint Human Resource Managment System (market engagment)
LATC review
LATC review
Leabridge Library
LEB PPM System
Leyton Green
Libraries Improvements
Life Chances Parenting workshops
Local Gov Drupal
London Borough of Hackney Datacenter Redesign
London Borough of Hackney Datacenter Redesign
London Development Database Automation
London HMO identifier tool
London Mayoral and Assembly Elections site (London Elects)
LOTI - Assistive Technology Evaluation Framework
LOTI - City Tools
LOTI - Developing a common approach to information governance
LOTI - Implementing seamless Wifi across London's public sector
LOTI - Supporting the creation of Digital Apprenticeships in local government
Major upgrade of master data management system
Making better use of our customer data and information
Manage a repair
Manage a Tenancy
Manage arrears for non-secure rent accounts, major works and service charges
Managing housing data outside Universal Housing
Market assessment for complaints software
Market Trading IT
Marketing Automation
MarryMe Website - Town hall bookings
MHCLG Local Digital Fund Alpha Project - Registration Services Data, unlocking Local Government Opportunities
MHCLG Local Digital Fund Discovery Project: Exploring income management and e-payment systems
Migrating major works billing to Universal Housing
Migrating social care records from Comino
Migrating the website and intranet to GOSS’ cloud
Mobile Network Data (Pilot)
Mobile Working and Food Safety Inspections
Modern Councillors
Modern Councillors
Monitoring affordable homes
Monitoring affordable homes
Mortuary Service - Grant Funding Application
Mortuary Services
Mosaic Transformation
Neighbourhood working
Neighbourhoods & Economic Growth Model
Network Redesign
New Appraisal and Performance Management System
New GIS platform
New Intranet using GovIntranet and content re-write
New Libraries Management System (Consortium)
New Planning IT Solution
New Wood Street
Noise SMS Service
Norfolk and Waveney STP Bed Flow Management Tracker
North East London MHT
Onboarding the Health Information Exchange
Online pest control service discovery
Online property licensing for houses of multiple occupancy and selective licensing
Online survey software procurement
Online waste service transactions
Open Data Platform
OpenCommunity: data standards for local community-based services or directory of services
OpenGovIntelligence: Trafford Worklessness Pilot
Operating Model Review
Operating Model Review
Opportunity Bank Delivery Phase
Paperless Solution for Mortuary Services
Parking verification hub
Pattern Library
Pay my fixed Penalty Notice on my Property
PCI PAL Payment solution
Perceptions of Crime research
Performance Management System
Planning - a 3D model of London
Planning - Discovery into showing personalised planning data on a citizens "my account"
Planning end-to-end process evaluation and redevelopment
Platform as a Service
Pop Feature 17 2.0
Poverty Index
Power BI - User Journeys
Power BI - User Journeys
Power BI Implementation
Power BI Implementation
Printing as a service
Private Rented Property Licensing IT (HMO, Selective, Additional)
Property and Asset Management (PAM) Data Project
Qlikview Strategic Dashboards
Recruitment of adoptive parents
Re-Design of Pre-Planning Advice
Re-Designing Planning Application Advice
Reducing invalid planning applications (RIPA): a service pattern for digital planning submissions
Re-Engineering Hackney Content
Regional Adoption Agency
Regional Adoption Agency
Register a food business
Registrars Relocation (ICT and Digital)
Replatforming My Rent Account
Report a problem
Reporting a change of circumstance
Research template for a digital library
REST APIs for asbestos database
Revenues and Benefits Discovery Project
Revenues and Benefits strategy (Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefits)
Revenues and Benefits strategy (Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing Benefits)
Revitalising the Hackney Intranet
Robotic process automation
Robotic Process Automation -PoC (1587)
Robotics - Usage of RPA within the council
Robotics Process Automation for council tax
Robotics Process Automation investigation / PoC
Rooftops Supporting Wireless Networks
Safeguarding and Learning Discovery Processes Review
School Immunisation service
Section 278/ 38 Applications online
Security by Design
SEND Local Offer - structure and content re-design
Service Store Optimisation
Shared drive migrations to SharePoint
Single Sign on for the London Borough of Hackney
Sixty Bricks Splash Page
Sixty Bricks website rebuild
Smart City applications
Smart TIM Pilot
SQL Server Improvements - Phase 1 - Housing Management System
Staff survey
Starters and Leavers Onboarding Solution (1802)
Submitting an annual business waste duty of care form
Summer in Hackney map
Tackling Poverty
Tascomi Planning Applications Solution
Taxi licensing applications - fixing complexity, inefficiency and risk
Tech and data for housing needs that meets user needs
Technical leadership and digital operations research
Technology Foundation - Cloud
Technology Foundation - Information Security
Technology Foundation - Office 365 roll out (incl. devices)
Technology Foundation - Programme
Technology Foundation - Voice and Contact Center
Technology Foundation - Voice and Contact Center
Tell us once ‘move-in’ process
Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders Online
Town Hall Campus - Change decant
Town Hall Campus - ICT - Decant
Town Hall Campus - ICT - RIBA Stages 2-7 (Part 1)
Town Hall Campus - Parking Management Strategy
Town Hall Campus - PBX Room Decommission / Server Room Readiness
Town Hall Campus Change Programme
Town Hall Campus Change Programme
Tracking a Repair - Tenants
Transport Services Initial Discovery
UK Planning Scraper
Underpin system addresses with UPRN
Understanding digital exclusion and inclusion in Local Government
Understanding the needs of product owners
Unified Communications
Unique client email addresses for Personal Financial Services clients
Upgrading 1st Touch mobile platform
User research into Chatbots and AI (Local Digital Exemplar Project)
Using AI and Analytics to produce better EHCPs for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to reduce the time to produce Education Health Care Plans
Van permit system- using vans to dispose of household waste at tips
Virtual Schools Software R8 Development
Vision 2030
Visualising failure in waste services - MHCLG Innovation Fund
Voice and Contact Centre Solution
Volunteer in London site
Volunteering in Brighton
W2 Disposal Module
W2 Disposal Module
Walthamstow Library engagement
Walthamstow Library engagement
Waste - Reporting of street cleansing data by citizens and operatives
Waste Management Enhancements
Waste Reprocurement - CD workstreams
Website CMS replacement
Website review and improvement
Wetlands Website - New features
WF Culture reskin and 19/20 change requests and maintenance
Wiring estates - driving social value
WODA MHCLG Local Digital Fund Discovery Project - Registration Services Data, unlocking Local Government Opportunities