These are all the projects that have been added to Pipeline.

A universal mobile comms platform for the delivery of public statutory notices...
Apply for a school place
Blue Badges & Concessionary Travel redesign project
Bristol Future Libraries
Business Enterprise Platform
Care Act Online Information
Case Management Capability
Case Management/Tracking Capability
Community Open Data
Comoodle - creating a strong sharing economy in Kirklees
Connecting Communities
Convert HR forms into online forms with phase 2 integration into back-office
Council Website Usability Dashboard
Customer Portal
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) API Wrapper
Dropped Kerb validation
Election Count Arrivals Board
Facilities Management redesign - BCC
Financial inclusion 'package'
Find a planning application
Going Google
Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme
Green Bins Service
Hampshire Hub
High level personas
Homelessness Redesign - Bristol CC
Homepage redesign
Housing Benefits redesign Project
Implementation of the new duties relating to the Care Act 2014
Improving Foster Carer recruitment
Income and Expenditure Calculator
Indices of Sporting Need
Innovate cities challenge - funding via the TSB
Licensing Redesign Project
Local Election Results Board
Local government content as a service
Local Tax redesign
Local Waste Service Standards Project
LocalGov StarterKit
LocalGov Voice
Localo: Waste
Location/address API
Maintain my street
March Madness - Discovery Phase
myjobscotland - v3.0
Offers/Needs Engine (O/N E)
Online applications & payments for all types of highways permissions
Online election hustings
Open Addresses UK
Order a bin (new or replacement)
Pathways into training and employment
Performance Management in Bristol
Planning Applications Viewer
'Portal' page template layout
Property Redesign - Bristol CC
Public Facing Planning Documents
Raise a repair
Registrations Redesign project
Rent account
Report a highways fault: Automated integration from online responsive web app into back office
Social Care Needs & Financial Assessment
Social Hub = social intranet + extranet + productivity
South Worcestershire - End-to-end Self Service
Taxi and private hire vehicle and driver licensing applications
Text messaging roadworks
The Budgetron
Transformed by You
Using Amazon Alexa skill for waste collection and recycling
Using technology to support Care Leavers
Volunteering Application Service
Website redesign
Website Redesign
Website redesign (and re-imagining) for Hertfordshire County Council
Website redesign for Kirklees Council
Website Redevelopment
Website satisfaction dashboard