Manage arrears for non-secure rent accounts, major works and service charges BETA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Housing
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £100k > £250k
Key Contact Jasmeen Sangha
Phase start 24 September 2018
Phase Estimated end 31 January 2019



Manage-arrears (beta) has been launched with a small subset of caseworkers. We want to make key improvements raised during beta testing. Moreover, to roll-out the service, the ability to handle rent arrears for non-tenancy accounts, garage, non-secure and introductory tenancies, and temporary accommodations should be added. In addition, the service should include managing leasehold arrears for major works and service charges. Hackney needs to improve its coordination and efficiency in managing arrears across business areas with the aims of reducing overall arrears liability and maximising social benefit from its housing stock.




Status Updates

14 December 2018

  • Soraya Clarke

01 October 2018

  • LAST ITERATION: We have completed a MVP that allows case workers to prioritise cases and add action diary notes. It also provides a case detail page of the most important case information in one view. NEXT: We will start IC Phase 2: Which will add fuller features cover functionality available in UH (Automating 1st arrears notice, search) and use Neighbourhood Contact Centre contact details.