Migrating major works billing to Universal Housing BETA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Housing
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Jignesh Sanghvi
Phase start 11 April 2018
Phase Estimated end 31 January 2019


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Migrating the data associated with payment of major works to Universal Housing so that it is in a structured format, and enables the data to be brought into Pay My Rent for leaseholders.




Status Updates

14 December 2018

  • Jignesh Sanghvi

    Updates 14 December 2018:

    Mortgage Lender details:

    Major Works team have a strict escalation process for non-payment matters and as such, may need to contact the Mortgage Lender of the leasehold property. To do that, they need details of the Mortgage Lender linked to the main account of the property reference. Once we started looking at the list of Mortgage Lenders, we realised a few issues e.g. there were multiple instances for the same Mortgage Lender, some banks/building societies didn’t exist or changed addresses due to bankruptcy or mergers. We cleaned up this data and set up a form which is now linked to the main account.

    Mortgage Lender tags:

    We also created some Mortgage Lender tags and added them to the letter templates. So, when the Major Works team need to escalate the matter, the Mortgage Lender details are automatically populated on the letter ready to be posted.

    Major Works ‘Description’ tags:

    After few queries from the residents, Major Works team realised that the invoices that went out to the residents did not have the detailed description of why they were being charged. To eliminate these queries, we created some ‘Description’ tags which pull out the Major Works description from the schedule and populates it on the invoice. Voila!

    Letter Templates:

    Billing team sends out 6 sets of letters to leaseholders for Major Works and some of these letters have complex combinations depending on what works are carried out in the block. While this has been done manually until now, we are setting letter templates on the new system that will allow doing this in a few clicks. Billing team and Gerry are working through these templates starting with the cover letter. More on this in the New Year!

    The BIG win this week has been the reconciliation of outstanding arrears from CeDar to Universal Housing. Starting at £8 million, only £2000 remains to be reconciled. Woohoo!

12 October 2018

  • 4. This week ends with some great news! Civica have preponed the date to add a feature on Universal Housing which will allow to show all accounts (Main and Recharge accounts) for Tenancy query when searched by property address. Currently, Universal Housing only shows all accounts if searched through property reference, not property address.

12 October 2018

  • 3. ‘Credit Notes’, currently in Test and after successful UAT, will be migrated to Live this weekend which will enable the Billing team to issue credit notes. Some issues with autofees on invoices were highlighted by the Billing Team and reported to Gerry to be resolved.

12 October 2018

  • 2. +Elaine, our workflow expert, have received final UAT results from Major Works Team and is preparing a Change Management Request for our star programmer +Gerry to push it to Live next weekend.

12 October 2018

  • 1. Major Works Team is busy clearing the balances from CedAr to Universal Housing for thousands of accounts.

12 October 2018

  • 1. Major Works Team is busy clearing the balances from CedAr to Universal Housing for thousands of accounts.