Manage a repair LIVE

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Housing
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £250k > £500k
Key Contact Nicholas Teeman
Phase start 23 April 2018
Phase Estimated end 07 December 2018



Hackney currently uses four systems to manage repairs requests: Universal Housing, DRS, Servitor and 1st Touch - as well as a SQL database to handle requests that are sub-contracted to third parties.

Hackney has approximately 32,000 tenants and leaseholders. Its repairs contact centre receives 171,000 calls per year, which are roughly split between new requests and calls following-up existing requests.

This is one of three projects to improve repairs. The others will improve the customer experience of raising a repair, and managing the finances around a repair. Problem to be solved The integration of the repairs process between solution doesn’t provide customers visibility over the progress of a job and data is not exchanged in a robust, reliable fashion. Problems in systems and integrations mean that a single technical fault can take too long to identify and fix.

This project is designed to improve the current solution in order to ensure tenants and leaseholders, and the staff that support them have a realtime view of the progress of a repair and any subsequent actions required.

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