UK Planning Scraper ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation _Civic Coder
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Adrian Short
Phase start 14 September 2018
Phase Estimated end 14 September 2025



UK Planning Scraper is an open source software module to let people easily extract planning applications data from council/local planning authority websites. Our aim is to build a single module that knows about and can scrape planning data from every authority in the UK with a consistent interface and output.

You can easily and quickly build a REST API and get CSV and SQLite file downloads for planning data by deploying your scraper to Morph. Morph is an independent project run by the Open Australia Foundation.

The code is packaged as a Ruby gem. Developers are welcome to contribute code and advice to the gem. We're happy to help councils and other data users get access to their own and other authorities' data quickly and easily without relying on vendor cooperation or complex technical infrastructure.

For example data and a live running scraper see our London planning decisions.




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