GLA Open Project System LIVE

Project details:

Organisation Greater London Authority
Department OPS Delivery Team
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £500k > £1000k
Key Contact Heath Pritchard
Phase start 01 September 2016
Phase Estimated end 09 October 2018



Having successfully delivered a new grant and project management IT system for the GLA’s Housing & Land and Regeneration Units, a new phase of deliver has commenced to roll the system out corporately to the wider GLA.

The new system – now known as GLA OPS – is intuitive and easy to use, as a result of the GLA’s Agile approach to software development where system functionality is built incrementally then improved upon using feedback from real system users.

The OPS system is primarily used to:

  • Create and submit new bids for GLA grant funding

  • Assess and approve bids

  • Monitor project progress

  • Report on key milestones, outputs and risks

  • Make payments and issue reclaims

  • Monitor budgets, expenditure and forecasts

  • Audit changes and record delegated decisions

  • Submit and approve recycled grant annual returns

Currently, OPS is used to manage 22 programmes across three units: Housing & Land, Regeneration and the Culture Team.

There are currently:

o 2,364 draft, active or completed projects

o 793 approved users

o 173 organisation with projects

In addition, over £1.015 billion (excluding housing RCGF/DPF) has been paid through the system since the payment function went live in November 2017.

Key to the success of OPS has been an approach taken whereby all functionality built is generic and configurable. This means new grant programmes can be configured and launched in-house by business teams without further development. This is a significant saving in both time and costs.

The GLA is now working to role the system out to the wider GLA and given the configuration element, a number of new teams will be able to use the system without further development work. Where development is required, we will continue to ensure it is configurable to increase the number of options available to GLA teams going forward.

Updates on future development works will be added to the Local Government Pipeline board as separate items.

Total budget for the implementation phase was £3m.




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