Being an employee of Buckinghamshire County Council ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation Buckinghamshire County Council
Department HR
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Ben Unsworth
Phase start 01 July 2019
Phase Estimated end 29 November 2019




Discovery proposition

It can be difficult for our users (staff and schools) to find the HR information and advice they need. A lot of people try self service, but end up calling the service desk with relatively simple requests.

We know that we are not making the best use of modern technology. We want to move from manually handling routine HR requests to a self service model supported, where appropriate, by automated HR processes.

The discovery was completed by a team of in-house staff and colleagues from cxpartners. The discovery outputs have been shared on the user research library.

Focus for the MVP

We want to help users find important information about HR more easily. We think this can be achieved by liberating content from the intranet and publishing it to the web, on a digital service that's been designed to meet the needs of our users. We think there are additional benefits from being open and transparent in publishing our core HR policy and process information.




Status Updates

09 October 2019

  • Ben Unsworth

    Following discovery the information, advice and policy information about being an employee was redesigned. A simplified information architecture and redesigned content has informed the development of a new public facing website. The website has been built with a Contentful CMS and Gatsby.js frontend. The code is open under an MIT license

13 June 2019

  • Ben Unsworth

13 June 2019

  • Ben Unsworth

    Outputs from discovery are on the user research library.

    We are in procurement for a partner to develop a service proposition through to MVP.

18 February 2019

  • Ben Unsworth

    Primary research is complete. Final research outputs are being prepared.

29 November 2018

  • We have commissioned the design agency CX Partners to support the work. Research planning is underway.