Directory of Services ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Communities, Health and Social Care
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Lucy Clifton
Phase start 29 October 2018
Phase Estimated end 01 March 2019


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Build and test prototypes for Directory of Services which allows data to be entered and maintained in a central repository, which we can test and get feedback from. Hackney Council and its health and voluntary sector partners have various needs and obligations to maintain directories of services. This is currently done manually reducing the value of the directories and fragmenting the experience for users. Discovery explored the scope for a single source directory of services which relies predominantly on automatic updates. This phase will test the assumptions and recommendations from Discovery.




Status Updates

29 November 2019

  • Meg Dibb-Fuller
    Hi all,
    Here's the latest weeknote from the Directory of Services (DoS) project team.

    What's a weeknote again?
    • A weekly-ish update where we share a few insights about what’s happening, what we’re thinking and what we’re learning (feedback always welcome!)
    What we've done this week
    • Had a demo of the latest release of MiDoS (going 'live' nationwide in December) - the latest functionality seems to meet the needs of our initial end-users, organisations across the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and social prescribers (who will access the data held within the DoS via the Elemental Digital Social Prescribing Platform). We’re starting to work out when we can test our hypothesis on this product
    • Caught up with colleagues at Newham Council and North East London Commissioning Support Unit to see their thoughts on MiDoS, how they're using it currently and how we can work better together!
    • Added five new VCSOs to the minimum viable DoS. This brings us up to nearly 200 programmes and activities on the directory, many of which are within Well Street Common, our pilot Neighbourhood!
    What's on next week
    • Exploring investment in digital upskilling across the VCS - we're holding a problem statement workshop to help remind us all of what we're trying to solve with regards to this specific element of the project. This will help inform the solutions we devise and research we devise!
    • Expanding the end-users of the minimum viable DoS - we’re attending the Adult Social Care 3 Conversations team meeting to set-up a small cohort of social workers onto it. This is staying true to our values; test, gather feedback, accept changes, learn and adapt accordingly
    • Buckinghamshire County Council are leading a project around standardising how the VCS and Local Authority data is captured, held and stores (read more here) - we will be connecting their digital team to MiDoS to take forward implementing this standard for us to explore further over coming weeks 
    That's all folks, see you next time!

02 September 2019

  • Lucy Clifton

    City and Hackney Directory of Services (C&H DoS) August update: what have we been doing, what did we learn, what are we doing now, and what's next...

20 May 2019

  • Lucy Clifton

    We have taken time to consider how best to take the project forward, and have put together 4 options:

    Approach one: Fully resourced project:

    • Develop MVP data engine that connects to a live, or ready to test, front end (e.g. GP Confed health and wellbeing app) to enable integration and user testing

    • Prototypes from the alpha phase could be built into the scope of the MVP

    This approach will help the project take the necessary steps to move towards achieving its vision (as set-out on page one), with the right resource, engagement and buy-in from the system to deliver a product of value.

    Approach two: Limited resources, existing datasets:

    Take steps towards our vision by improving existing datasets under the guidance of the ‘core project team’.

    Approach three: Dissolve:

    Acknowledge learnings to date and dissolve the project.

    Approach 4: Partner up:

    Progress with a variation of Approach 1, looking for partners across the system with common needs and (sufficient) common technology who might work with the ‘core project team’.

    For more detail about the approaches and the strengths, weaknesses, costs and benefits of each:

20 May 2019

  • Lucy Clifton

26 April 2019

  • Lucy Clifton

    We've learned a lot in this phase of work. Findings and recommendations for how we might take this work forward are here:

26 April 2019

  • Lucy Clifton

    We've learned a lot in this phase of work. Findings and recommendations for how we might take this work forward are here: