Customer service chat bot BETA

Project details:

Organisation Greater London Authority
Department External Relations
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Maria Dimitropoulou
Phase start 01 December 2018
Phase Estimated end 30 November 2018



We've recently been testing a variety of layout and content updates for our Contact us page. Alongside this we're trialling an on page chat-bot.

The bot is there to answer enquiries in a fast and efficient way, and to direct people to further useful information. It makes the most of content on our site, and encourages visitors to navigate and learn how they can find answers to their questions independently.

The bot's currently being A/B tested on our Content us page, and can be seen through this preview link (that ensures you get the part of the test that shows the bot).

The variety of topics the bot covers will soon be expanded, and we’re looking forward to seeing its effectiveness in regards to correspondence and phone call volumes.




Status Updates