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The Budgetron is a tool which is, as Peter Snow might say on election night, 'just for fun' - the idea is to take the data representing a council's major streams of income and expenditure and put them into a tool which allows members of the public to move sliders around so they can see for themselves the difficult choices which need to be made in the budget preparation process in the light of reduced income from central government; it could then be used as part of the budget consultation process.

A proof of concept exists at http://bccwebprojects.org.uk/budget/.


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    This has been done a couple of times already. Delib do a good looking, cheap version here - http://www.budgetsimulator.com/info, and Redbridge Council actually already developed a version which Councils can use for free which includes information on the implications of funding changes - http://www.local.gov.uk/research-youchoose-tool
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    How is this project progressing, we are looking to do something similar for our highways budget and looking at our options.