Register a food business BETA

Project details:

Organisation None
Department Food Standards Agency
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget Unknown
Key Contact Alison Saunders
Phase start 01 August 2018
Phase Estimated end 31 March 2020



Register a food business digital service

The Food Standards Agency “Register a food business” beta service is now connected to 10 pilot Local Councils. We are fast approaching 300 new food business registrations submitted via the service, with people using smart phones, laptops and pads to complete the registration.

How it works

If you are a food business operator registering a new business in these pilot councils, you are now directed from (or the councils own website) to the new digital service. Upon submission of the required details, the operator receives an email confirmation with a unique reference number, as well as further information on how to set their business up for success.

At the same time, the council receives email notification of the registration to their nominated email address, as well as the data securely transferred to their back office system. An officer can then review the information before deciding appropriate action.

We are receiving good feedback from pilot councils and users to help further iterate and develop this beta service. In particular, the benefits of having the registration data received direct to their back office system.

Registrations API - Connecting Local Councils to the Register a food business service

To enable more councils and back office system suppliers to connect to the service, we have developed our standard registrations API. This enables councils to take registration data from the new service directly into their back office system. The API is now available for testing and developing against from our developer hub.

For those councils that already have a digital food registration connected to their back office system, we are also looking to make available the components and design patterns to enable consistent data standards. 

Next steps

Am very happy to talk regards the Register a food business service, the API development and what the FSA can provide to enable connection to the service.




Status Updates

03 October 2019

  • Paul Turner

    The FSA continues to connect further Local Councils to Register a food business. We now have options for full API integration, Email receipt of registration data or the adoption of data standards and designs into Local Council own registration services.