Using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to reduce the time to produce Education Health Care Plans ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Ealing
Department Transformation
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Gary Pyke
Phase start 07 January 2019
Phase Estimated end 29 March 2019



Having ‘blueprinted’ the SEN Assessment process it is apparent that applying digital processes, analytics and AI that the production of Education Care and Health Plans (ECHP) can be greatly enhanced. A new system would:

·    Allow schools direct input and assessment of need.

·    Allow and monitor assessments and be a single point of results, opinion and summaries.

·    Interpret assessments both qualitatively and quantitatively to produce a proposal for the ECHP including the resource allocation required to deliver.

·    Allow the ‘human in the loop’ to apply their expertise to the plan.

·    Circulate plans for approval and routing to panel assessment.

·    Produce an improvement dashboard.

·    Produce a master file for export to other systems for storage and filing on completion.

·    Be transparent to parents allowing comment and feedback.

The SEN assessment process is overly complex, convoluted and bureaucratic. There is too much paperwork and forms that require extensive manual data-processing. The system is difficult for parents, children and young people to understand and navigate. Parents often find themselves unable to find out where they are in the process or what happens next, and how long it will take to get to the end of it. Professional participants in the process also find it frustrating due to the administrative overhead and the lack of feedback or control. The objective of this alpha is to redesign the system to make it more customer centric, simpler, faster, and more cost effective. Our aim is to automate and integrate many of the processes and sub processes around well-defined user needs and outcomes. Our measure of success for the ‘alpha’ system will be:

·    A reduction in the time to produce an ECHP.

·    User satisfaction with the application process, collation of assessments and production of an EHCP.

·    Expert user acceptance of the proposed EHCP.

·    Acceptance of a dashboard methodology to measure improvement.

·    Acceptance by parents as a transparent and acceptable process.




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