Project details:

Organisation Greater London Authority
Department London Estates Delivery Unit
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Ato Andoh
Phase start 16 January 2019
Phase Estimated end 22 February 2019


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The London Estates Delivery Board has built a Capital Pipeline for London encompassing all the Estate schemes across the five London STPS. The pipeline covers circa 500 schemes to be undertaken over the next decade with total estimated expenditure at circa £8 billion.

The combined data on these schemes sits on an excel spreadsheet managed by the LEDU and is updated by the programme manager. The LEDU are looking to consolidate all the data on one cloud-based system. The procured system will be accessible by STP leads and projects managers as well as the LEDU and LEB.

System specification

The ideal system will have but not be limited to the functionality listed below:

  • ·       Portfolio management module with the functionality to group projects under programmes and programmes under portfolios.
  • ·       The functionality to attribute multiple classification to projects e.g.  to classify a project by location (e.g. South East London STP) and by type (Acute Transformation, Primary Care etc).
  • ·       A dynamic risk management module with the ability to report on key project, programme and portfolio risks.
  • ·       A customisable dashboard to give an overview of projects, programmes and portfolios.
  • ·       A reporting module with the functionality to generate high level as well as in-depth reports.
  • ·       A finance and budget tracking system which shows the current and proposed expenditure on each project as well as the sources of funding
  • ·       Functionality to track milestones on each project and the functionality to create dependencies between milestone and between projects.




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