Visualising failure in waste services - MHCLG Innovation Fund ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation North East Lincolnshire Council
Department Service Design Team
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Sonia Rides
Phase start 01 January 2019
Phase Estimated end 30 April 2019


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This project is funded via the MHCLG Innovation fund. North East Lincolnshire are partnering with Leeds City Council to deliver the Alpha stage of the project.

Problem we are trying to solve

Missed bin reports are a problem to all LAs that have responsibility for them. The impact is customer contact through whatever channel, some of which is real and some through residents not observing the terms and conditions of the service.

Understanding the true picture is difficult and makes informative action complex.Our aim is to create data visualisation for the failure demand to inform targeted resources to address the problem by either education, enforcement or resolving locality problems such as poor parking.

The impact locally is to enable services to reduce failure, avoid multiple contacts and focus on

delivery of the service. Costs for missed bins are high and scaled up nationally in the order of £Millions.

Total resolution is unlikely but extracting key issues in a visual format is a massive opportunity and key to LAs.


Develop and deliver a minimum viable product of a waste dashboard and intelligence function which is available to improve operational management, identify root causes for failure demand to inform service improvement to deliver first time, on-time, every time. The dashboard will provide analysis by round, ward, collection type for missed and missed assisted collections. Details of addresses of repeat offenders of contaminated waste or of additional side-waste to drive education and enforcement activity, improve customer satisfaction and enable service efficiency across the wider organisation i.e. waste teams, customer services, complaints.

Measuring Success

● Delivery of dashboard able to drill down to underlying causes of failure to enable behaviour change across the community and the service

● Targeted approach easily monitored across rounds

● Reduction in failure demand

● Quality documentation enabling collaborators to replicate the approach

● Data standards to be implemented and developed across collaborators waste services and back office systems

● Transferring skills to collaborators to access, manipulate and code to visualise the data




Status Updates

15 May 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    Link to final Show and Tell #4.

01 May 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    PowerBI prototypes formulated to replicate data model across different visualisation tool used by Leeds.

01 May 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    Documents have now been submitted. Final steps of the project are to have a project retro and then a final show and tell to wrap up the project on 13th May

01 May 2019

01 May 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    Following feedback from user research we've iterated the the prototype. The iterations made had quite a significant impact on the look and feel of the prototype and new product features have been introduced.

    A lot more flexibility had been built into views to allow users to filter by ward and by missed container reason on all pages. A new Home page has also been added to give information about what's available in the different sections.

    A new page has also been added which we provisionally called the One Map. This allows users to apply all filters on the one map. This gives an extra level of flexibility to allow users to filter by waste type, crew, round, collection type and ward all on the one map.

    The Waste Type page has now been renamed Overall Performance page and has changed significantly to include more graphs. The time period feature was also changed based on user need to have more flexibility with the time periods upon which you could search.

28 March 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    Link to Show and Tell #3

28 March 2019

14 March 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    Link to NELC blog:

12 March 2019

12 March 2019

07 March 2019

  • Below are images of the visualising waste prototype. We are still iterating and would welcome any feedback or suggestions.

    Home screen

    This gives an overall trend view of missed bins for each waste type. The system also allows you to filter on Collection Type to limit chart to assisted, unassisted or all collection types, as well as outcome (missed bin reason) of the missed bin report.

    A slider feature allows you to limit or expand the data view.

    Chart View

    Gang, ward and outcome charts and maps are available and accessed via the side bar. Data can filtered by waste type, individual gangs, collection type and time period. 

    If you click on one of the bars this will show a list of all properties missed in that month according to the filters you have applied.

    The address is also a hyperlink which allow you to drill down further into individual properties.


    Map views are available as well as charts with same filters to change information presented.

    Clicking on the pin point will provide individual property details. If you click through on the address hyperlink full details of missed bins for that property can be viewed.


    Reasons why bins are missed are also reported so root cause of the reasons why the bin was missed can be viewed and patterns identified.

    Property Search

    Users can search using either UPRN or address details to view missed bin details for individual properties, useful when investigating complaints.

07 March 2019

  • Sonia Rides

    User Stories and acceptance criteria.