08 January 2010 to 30 October 2020


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Wychavon District Council

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End-to-end self service for the public, staff, and members in the 3 South Worcestershire Councils - Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council, and Wychavon District Council.

Based on open source software and Agile programming - a move to online self service, designed for the customer first, with full integration into, or replacement of, back office systems.

We use Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Liferay, hosted in the cloud on the Jelastic Paas.

Principles of SW2 Self-service Development

  • Design is focused on the external customers’ requirements

  • Design is generic for all three districts with look and feel consistent across all transactions

  • Only data required to complete the transaction is requested

  • Development is in useable, manageable chunks and each is no more than four weeks work

  • The need for officer involvement in the process is eliminated

  • Identity authentication is appropriate for the transaction

  • Transaction history is captured for customer viewing and management information

  • Core data sets are the exclusive source of property and customer information


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