Drupal 8 council website BETA

Project details:

Organisation Brighton and Hove City Council
Department Digital First
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £250k > £500k
Key Contact Will Callaghan
Phase start 01 July 2018
Phase Estimated end 31 March 2019


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Like many local authorities, Brighton & Hove City Council has a Drupal 7 corporate website and an assorted collection of other platforms.

As part of the council's Digital First transformation programme, a team was spun up to:

  • review all the content on the old Drupal 7 site according to user needs, then either delete or re-write accordingly
  • create a new WCAG AA compliant Drupal 8 website with sufficient flexibility to allow the closure of other sites in the estate

This website is the result and more has been written about it here. The team behind the site believes it could form the basis of a platform that could be used by more councils across the country, so stopping us having to reinvent the wheel.




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