Designing a definitive estate boundary mapping layer DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Nadine Davis
Phase start 24 June 2019
Phase Estimated end 02 August 2019


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Aim for this phase of work: we understand the various users and their needs for a definitive estate boundary layer for reuse by multiple services

The problem to be solved:

We know that there is no currently no consistent view of our estate boundaries or indeed, if there is a need for one rather than several boundaries to meet various needs. For example an estate boundary to show estates managed by TMOs; estates where parking enforcement applies; boundaries which include street properties.

Our approach:

A 6 week data project to allow us to test our assumptions about what structure is required and build an outline structure for testing in a further stage of development:

  • Analyse results of questionnaire

  • Develop options for outline structure to propose to workshop with key users

  • Workshop format with key users to review the structure and define key rules and identify the data owner

  • Refine the structure based on workshop feedback and share openly with stakeholders

Outputs expected from data discovery:

  • An agreed structure for the new layer/s

  • A list of agreed integrity rules e.g. no estate boundary can intersect a block

  • An agreed data owner

  • An outline plan for developing the agreed layers




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