Designing a definitive estate boundary mapping layer DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Nadine Davis
Phase start 24 June 2019
Phase Estimated end 02 August 2019


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Aim for this phase of work: we understand the various users and their needs for a definitive estate boundary layer for reuse by multiple services

The problem to be solved:

We know that there is currently no consistent view of our estate boundaries or indeed, if there is a need for one rather than several boundaries to meet various needs. For example an estate boundary to show estates managed by TMOs; estates where parking enforcement applies; boundaries which include street properties.

Our approach:

A 6 week data project to allow us to test our assumptions about what structure is required and build an outline structure for testing in a further stage of development:

  • Analyse results of questionnaire

  • Develop options for outline structure to propose to workshop with key users

  • Workshop format with key users to review the structure and define key rules and identify the data owner

  • Refine the structure based on workshop feedback and share openly with stakeholders

Outputs expected from data discovery:

  • An agreed structure for the new layer/s

  • A list of agreed integrity rules e.g. no estate boundary can intersect a block

  • An agreed data owner

  • An outline plan for developing the agreed layers




Status Updates

02 August 2019

  • Nadine Davis

    Week commencing 29th July.

    What we have been up to this week

    Over the last couple of days, we have worked together to create and present our proposal to key users, which we will be sharing with them next week. This will include:

    • 2 layers (estates and street properties) with a  simple structure 

    • key roles during the review process 

    • Key roles for the future maintenance of the layer

    • Quality checking processes 

    We have created the new temporary layers that will be used collaboratively during the review process. It follows the new structure but also includes space for issues, comments and review notes. The starting point is names and boundaries from the previous layer.

    We have agreed on a training plan with the main data custodian, starting this week.

    We are discussing and preparing for the potential next steps, which has a few possibilities depending on whether users are happy for us to move forward with our initial proposal. 

    Next steps

    • Send out our proposal and receive feedback.
    • Create a plan with Data Custodian and panel. Once they are confirmed, responsibility for the layer will be theirs with support from the GIS team.
    • Work with the Data Custodian on updated Estates Boundary Layers (1 layer for estates, 1 layer for street properties)

    Thank you for reading 

    Marta, Sandrine, Nadine

    We will be posting when we receive an update 

26 July 2019

  • Nadine Davis

    Week commencing 8th July.

    What we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks

    Following an informative workshop during week 1, we focused on the proposed next steps and analysed the data collected from each of the three exercises.  We discussed keynotes and prioritised potential solutions. This helped us to discover a few approaches to how we could collate each users experience and knowledge. 

    To keep track of task and roles within the project, we are working on a Trello board this will also assist us when scaling the project and discovering other roles and responsibilities.

    It has been an experience exploring the most efficient approach to creating a proposal that works for the layer's users while bearing in mind the many purposes of the boundary, but the feedback has worked as a great guideline.

    We visited the Ground Maintenance team in the Hoxton office to see some old estates maps they store there and how these can be used for the layer update. We shared a nice walk back to the office with Greg, who was one of the estate inspectors and will be helping us. It was very inspiring to see how he cares about Hackney Estates and how much he knows about them.

    We have been working with the Asset Management and Ground Maintenance team who have been reviewing potential issues with the boundary, and they have shared their findings with us.

    What we will do next

    Review all the information we have received 

    Finalise proposal for estate boundary update.

    Discover Data Owner/s and Data Custodian

    Share proposal with key users for feedback.

    Thank you for reading

    Marta, Sandrine, Nadine

    We will be posting on Friday 2nd August

05 July 2019

  • Nadine Davis

    Wk commencing 1st July

    What we did this week

    On Monday, we hosted a workshop to explore the why and how we move forward with updating the estate boundary layer or possibly layers. It was great to get feedback and gain an understanding of the rules and legalities currently in place.

    The knowledge shared at the workshop by housing staff was valuable and reassured us that there is a need for an approved layer and the importance of working on this project collaboratively, so it meets the needs of current and potential users. 

    We decided to go with an interactive workshop with visual examples (using maps), as many questions could have ambiguous answers. By doing this, we were able to identify some of the triggers that can impact boundaries, explore how we should define estates legally, and discover some of the problems that an incorrect boundary can cause for our clients.

    What we will do next

    • Analyse the information gathered from the workshop
    • Put together a brief of how we propose to update the estate boundary.
    • Discover Data Owner/s and Data Custodian
    • Plan our show and tell

05 July 2019

  • Nadine Davis

    Wk commencing 24/06/19

    What we did this week

    • Analysed the data collected from a survey created last year to get some feedback on the users' experiences when using the current estate boundary layer.

    • Invited key users in housing service to an Estate Boundary Workshop that will be taking place on July 1st where we will collaboratively create a guideline of what the estate boundary layer will and should include.

    • Created survey to engage users in the planning of the workshop. We want to hear from users all levels of expertise.

    • We created a workshop session plan 

    What’s next?

    • Run the Estate Boundary workshop to finalise and review the data structure and define key rules

    • Use the workshop to identify the actors (data owner, custodian and influencers) and agree on a maintenance process.

    • Once we analyse findings from the workshop we will propose our next steps to key users who attended the workshop.

    Thank you for reading 

    Sandrine, Marta, Nadine