Planning - Discovery into showing personalised planning data on a citizens "my account" DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation Huntingdonshire District Council
Department Mosaic
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Tony Evans
Phase start 08 April 2019
Phase Estimated end 26 July 2019



Objective: To understand what planning information citizens would like to see on their "my account" page that is technically possible to achieve given no changes to our back office system (IDOX Uniform) and whilst using the NPP (National Planning Portal) as the preferred channel for making applications;

Technology Landscape:

- IDOX Uniform;

- IDOX Public Access;

- Information @ Work (with public portal);

- IEG4 OneVu + OpenProcess;





Status Updates

15 July 2019

  • Tony Evans

    Limited if promising progress, it looks like all needed information can be extracted by creation of a SQL view within the database and then exposed via the ESRi API, this can then be proxied to an external network for integration with our cloud based customer portal. 

    Will require a scheduled based polling of the planning data within ESRi to create records in the customer portal. Currently the issue is that whilst the agents email address is on the application the applicants address is. Need to run a workshop with users to determine if the agent will add the applicant or if the applicant will "watch" an application by adding its application number. 

    Discovery on call volumes is hard as current data doesn't specify the reason someone called only on if it was about an existing application or not. Further data gathering needed to justify business case. 

14 June 2019

  • Tony Evans

    Investigated the usage of the IDOX Uniform APIs and found them to be hard to use, expensive and poorly documented. Now looking at using the ESRi ArcGIS APIs to get information on current planning applications within the system as these have better APIs and are easier to use. Plan to continue to use IDOX Public Access for showing full detailed information and letting citizens make comments on planning applications. 

    Challenge to understand who wants to view an applications, the agent or the applicant given that information about the applicant is low quality / not mandatory when submitting an application via the NPP.