Waste - Reporting of street cleansing data by citizens and operatives CONCEPT

Project details:

Organisation Huntingdonshire District Council
Department Mosaic
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Tony Evans
Phase start 13 May 2019
Phase Estimated end 30 August 2019



Objective: Enable citizens and operatives to easily report issues and information on street cleansing tasks and have this present in our line of business system, with citizens receiving updates on anything they have reported. Specifically this includes:-

  • Allowing citizens to report issues with full / over full street bins, dead animals (don't talk about swans), graffiti, needles etc and then see when the issue gets resolved;
  • Allowing operatives to report the status of a bin when they visit it, emptied, not emptied as not full, issue with bin;

Technology Landscape:-

  • Yotta Alloy (line of business system);
  • IEG4 OneVu + OpenProcess + eForm Designer;
  • Azure API Management + Functions;




Status Updates

15 July 2019

  • Tony Evans

    Service blueprint and integration architecture developed waiting deployment of updated Operations software with v2 APIs

14 June 2019

  • Tony Evans

    Based on feedback from operatives, using a webUI even on a mobile to update the back office system might be to hard for operatives to use quickly so looking at using NFC tags on bins