Building a 'Living in Hackney' web map prototype DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Sandrine Balley
Phase start 17 June 2019
Phase Estimated end 01 August 2019


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  • Project aim:

    • Deliver a web map that enables a resident to view local services that is mobile friendly; meets GDS accessibility standards and

    • Deliver an infrastructure that is maintainable and scalable to generate more web maps

    The problem to be solved:

    The Map.Hackney application is getting old and does not meet current usability standards. It can’t be used on mobile devices. Although the application is very rich, it is difficult to find relevant datasets and to get basic information about them. We are sometimes receiving data requests which users should ideally be able to self-serve.

    Our hypotheses:

    • Although our complete GIS offering needs to be refreshed (not only Map.Hackney but also Find My Nearest, Map Gallery and maps scattered on the Hackney website), we should only focus on Map.Hackney for the moment as it will create the basic, flexible map element that will be reused everywhere else.

    • Because of experience and reviewing other mapping portals, we have hypotheses about relevant functionalities to offer:

    • Classical dynamic mapping with layers switch and pop-ups

    • Address search

    • Layer search, working indifferently by name and by theme

    • Concise metadata info in one click (with links to and other resources for more extensive metadata, to be defined in “Serving Open Data” project)




Status Updates

04 July 2019