Building a better understanding of poverty DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Corporate
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget Unknown
Key Contact Lisa Stidle
Phase start 03 July 2019
Phase Estimated end 16 August 2019


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Project Aim: Use up-to-date public and locally-held data to develop a better, shared understanding of poverty in Hackney across the council and with our partners so that we can make better decisions to improve the lives of our residents.

The problem to be solved: The English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is the official measure of relative deprivation for small areas in England. This data is widely used by officers and partners to understand poverty, but it has many weaknesses which limit its usefulness:

  • the underlying data is out of date

  • it is a relative measure and therefore doesn't tell us much about absolute poverty

  • it is difficult for people to understand

  • it doesn't allow us to see change over time

Our hypotheses are: 

  • If we reuse public and locally-held data, we can provide a better picture of poverty and deprivation in Hackney to supplement the IMD.

  • If we provide richer data on deprivation in an accessible way, this will improve strategies and decision-making to improve the lives of residents in Hackney.

  • A successful model of poverty in Hackney could be replicated by other LAs

Our approach:

  • We need to test the suitability of the IMD 'domains' of poverty in a local context.

  • We need to identify and evaluate public and local data sources.

  • We need to determine the functionality requirements of a visualisation tool to make the data accessible.

  • We need to determine the best way to build a poverty map tool once requirements are determined.




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