Building a better local picture of poverty in Hackney ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT / Strategy, Policy & Economic Development
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Lisa Stidle
Phase start 02 July 2019
Phase Estimated end 13 August 2019


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Project aim: Use up-to-date local and public data to build a better shared understanding of what it means to be in poverty in Hackney, and the scale of the problem, across our organisation and amongst partners to enable better decision-making and service design.

The problem to be solved: 

The English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is the official measure of relative deprivation for small areas or neighbourhoods in England. A new data release is due to be published in Sept/Oct 2019. While this data is widely used, there are some problems with the IMD which limit is ability to inform local decision making for example, IMD is a relative measure of deprivation, so doesn’t tell us much about absolute deprivation. If Hackney stayed the same and other areas got worse, Hackney would be less deprived according to the IMD, but the experiences of our residents would not have changed.

Our hypotheses are: 

  • If we ethically and responsibly reuse public and locally held data, we can provide a better picture of poverty and deprivation in Hackney to supplement the IMD.

  • If we provide richer data on deprivation in an accessible way, this will enable the development of a more informed Poverty Reduction Strategy and an Inclusive Economy strategy and enable other services to make better decisions to support the residents of Hackney.

  • If we build a successful model to measure and understand poverty and deprivation in Hackney, this approach can be used by other London boroughs.

Our approach:

The project will use a broad definition of deprivation similar to that in the IMD, not just focus on income poverty to focus on a 6-8 week data discovery and building an MVP data model and poverty map to explore deprivation across the borough.




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