New Intranet using GovIntranet and content re-write DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation Oxford City Council
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Neil Lawrence
Phase start 01 August 2019
Phase Estimated end 31 December 2019



Our current intranet was built in-house using Drupal 7 around 5 years ago. Mistake at the time was importing all the content from the previous intranet with no re-writes, and using a distributive authorship model ("anyone can be an author"). This has left it full of old/out of date content, being over complicated in terms of functionality and overall looking tired and outdated.

Inspired by the success of Devon using the GovIntranet WordPress theme we intend to undertake a rapid rebuild with simplified functionality, rewrite all the content and move control of content to the Digital & Comms teams




Status Updates

01 October 2019

  • Neil Lawrence

    Three stakeholder sessions have been held covering

    • Principles for the new site
    • Governance of the new site
    • Initial design ideas

    Content is currently being re-written, with any non-HTML documents only included where they are essential to assist the user

23 August 2019

  • Neil Lawrence

    Initial phase of the project has involved:

    • Detailed analytics analysis to determine existing use and behaviours
    • Stakeholder engagement to determine design principles for new build
    • Recruitment of dedicated web content manager for the project
    • Stakeholder engagement to create an initial site proposition to set out site purpose and content rules
    • Draft content design principles and initial information architecture for new content