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The site you're using now is a pilot project from LocalGov Digital called Pipeline. It's currently an alpha with limited functionality which is in development.

At present, it’s a wiki for those working in and around local governments to publish details of projects and concepts, and for other to express an interest in them. It also enables others to search for them by description, date, stage and language. Future developments include calendar views, views by organisation and a lot more.

LocalGov Digital hope Pipeline will break the cycle of local governments developing or buying the same things separately in each council by being able to coordinate their project work through Makers Project Teams. Pipeline is a tool to help facilitate this way of working.

You can follow the progress of Pipeline on its Trello Board, download the code on GitHub, or even better, help build and refine Pipeline by joining the Makers Project Team on Slack.

Follow @LocalGovDigital., @LGMakers or join the G+ Community and start to get involved and give us your feedback, whether you work directly for a local government or just have an interest in making local services better.

Version 1.01

We've added basic functionality to express an interest in a project, so you can now Like or Join each project with a comment you add. At present this will just display under each project's page however in future it'll inform the project owner.


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