Exploring how local authorities can effectively engage people and develop their cultures to successfully implement digital transformation CONCEPT

Project details:

Organisation Rushmoor Borough Council
Department Projects and Improvement
Collaboration Level Share Funding
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Alex Shiell
Phase start 23 August 2019
Phase Estimated end 16 September 2019



Local Authorities are undertaking digital transformation so that they can meet our residents’ raised expectations. We have had some success digitising services but found it harder to engage our staff and develop our cultures.

We believe there are some factors limiting full digital transformation:

  • Difficulties engaging with people and creating the right culture
  • An inability to apply concepts and lessons from internet era organisations.
  • Achievable cost savings aren’t obviously tangible
  • The word ‘digital’ seem as synonymous with technological change and associated with job losses
  • Not addressing the root cause of a problem or not considering a wider change to process, information or organisation.
  • Staff not equipped with the skills and strategies to change behaviours.
  • A lack of emphasis and engagement in the use of research and analysis to inform decision making.
  • Transactional leadership and hierarchical management styles.
  • An empowerment paradox where the messages of empowerment are far more positive than the reality, resulting in overt compliance and covert opposition

We believe that our discovery project can investigate if these findings are valid and reproducible in more than one local authority. We will also be looking to see what user needs exist for resolve these problems.

We're currently drafting an application for the Local Digital Fund. If you're interested in finding out more or getting involved, please get in touch via LGD slack or email.




Status Updates

16 September 2019

  • Alex Shiell

    We'll be submitting our Local Digital Fund application later today: https://github.com/LocalDigitalPeopleCulture/LocalDigitalPeopleCulture/blob/master/application.md