Digital exclusion and inclusion in Local Government CONCEPT

Project details:

Organisation Bedford Borough Council
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Patrick Murphy
Phase start 27 August 2019
Phase Estimated end 31 August 2020



We would like to learn more about digital skills, exclusion and inclusion in relation to local government digital services and understand how to reduce non-participation and improve the delivery of those services in ways that put users first.

Existing data is often out of date, at local authority level, and not necessarily reflective of how people engage with other digital services and solutions.

We want to generate data and learning at ward level and draw on, test and extend current knowledge and assumptions, working with ward level data and direct user research to establish common reasons preventing people from using council digital services, obstacles they face and the support they might require. 

We want to establish a method of explaining where people are excluded locally, and crucially, uncover reasons why and factors common to local authorities. As well as producing a transferrable method for assessing digital skills and exclusion at ward level we want to update definitions of this problem.




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