MHCLG Local Digital Fund Alpha Project - Registration Services Data, unlocking Local Government Opportunities ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation Worcestershire County Council
Department Digital Transformation
Collaboration Level Share Ideas
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Geoff Hedges
Phase start 13 November 2019
Phase Estimated end 28 February 2020


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Background Context: Discovery Phase

Discovery Pipeline Project


The team considered in detail the use of registrations data across Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Housing, Revenues and Benefits. The approach taken by the team included holding workshops and 1-1 interviews to understand:

a. the Use Case for accessing the registrations data;

b. the current process for accessing this data;

c. the pain points within this current process; and

d. the potential benefits from accessing the registrations data through direct access to the Registrations Online (RON) data directly from the General Register Office (GRO) as opposed to relying on the Tell Us Once (TUO) service.

A summary of the use case for each area is presented in the table below:

Cost:Benefit Analysis

The project also included an opportunity to quantify the economic and social benefits from providing Housing services with direct access to registrations data along the following domains:

  1. Reduction in staff time from direct access to the data

  2. Total rent arrears avoided

  3. Total reduction in weeks where properties are void / reduction in Temporary Accommodation spend

The costs included:

  1. Team required to develop the prototype

  2. Housing Association and Council staff team required to test and implement the prototype

Conclusions to the Discovery and next steps

The Discovery phase identified that there are greatest potential benefits from accessing registrations data within housing due to the scalability of a potential solution and the impact on councils and residents. The table below summaries the use case against the assessment criteria:

The cost:benefit analysis determined that the proposed solution is straightforward and therefore the anticipated development and implementation costs are relatively low. The calculated benefits are modest at a district level, but significant when rolled up to a county council and unitary authority footprint.

Alpha Phase

The project has now moved into an Alpha. This phase is about testing and iterating solutions to the problem identified in the Discovery with service users.

By the end of the Alpha we aim to have tested a solution that provides Housing teams with easier access to the registrations data.

Objectives for the Alpha

1. Develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to enable local housing services to access registrations data;

2. Refine the cost: benefit analysis of implementing the solution to inform the business case for further roll out;

3. Trial the MVP with at least two Councils;

4. Submit an application to the GRO for the data in Suffolk;

5. Identify a standardised application for the data;

6. Report detailing the approach taken during the Alpha, findings from solution testing and options for next steps

- if a Beta phase is suggested: Application for further funding




Status Updates

29 November 2019

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