Revenues and Benefits Discovery Project DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation Teignbridge District Council
Department Service Delivery and Improvement
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £50K > £100k
Key Contact Amanda Pujol
Phase start 14 November 2019
Phase Estimated end 31 March 2020


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This is a discovery project, using agile methodology, to explore the feasibility of creating a true, customer focused, configurable, cost effective IT system for processing Revs and Bens data.

This is a joint, collaborative project involving six councils: Teignbridge District Council, Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council, Sedgemoor District Council, and Basildon and Brentwood Councils.

Funded by MHCLG, the project will carry out intensive, customer-focused, user-centred research, to deliver a report with recommendations by 31 March 2020. We'll do this in an open/transparent way. Follow our journey with #rbdiscovery




Status Updates

21 January 2020

  • Ann Hall

    Weeknote 5   Rev Bens discovery project    

    Monday 13th saw the #rbdiscovery group meet up in Bridgwater (Somerset) with @wearesnook, our research consultants for this important project. Thanks to all who turned up in the most appalling weather – Anne came from Snook in Glasgow – she wins the distance award, followed up by Rob Manser from Basildon/Brentwood councils in Essex and Eniola from MHCLG who travelled from London. The trip home in storm Brendan can’t have done any of them much good – I gather the plane back to Glasgow virtually looped the loop! So now Snook’s remit is to crack on and contact rev bens managers from around the UK and gauge the appetite for change in revs bens systems, and the sort of change that’s needed. It’s a tight timeline to get surveys out and interviews/workshops under way. Wrap up is due end of March with final report to MHCLG, and business case neatly done. In the meantime technical consultants are about to come on board to look at the possible. We’re working in an agile way with technology pivotal to progress - twice weekly stand up Skype for Business conference calls, shared Trello boards, a Slack work space, and google docs…no distance too far to get the job done! Amanda Pujol from Teignbridge was in touch yesterday with Jack from Southwark and Richard from Barnsley to discuss how our three projects link up. All of us are working on costly, high profile back office systems and sharing our experiences of developing these projects (good and bad) and how we can build on what we have achieved thus far. It was insightful, and highlighted the need for central government to continue to fund the development of these projects in the future. Want to share your experience about your current revs bens systems, and how you’d like things to change? (or maybe not!) Volunteer your interest here You may hear directly from Snook, or you may be invited to be part of a bigger network to feed your in views. It could be face to face, or at arm’s length, via phone or in groups at regional meetings or via conference/video calls. Whichever way, the more we know, the deeper the insight, and better the final outcome.

23 December 2019

  • Ann Hall

    #Weeknote 4 Rev Bens discovery project. Technical consultants have been shortlisted – interviews in January.User research consultant candidates interviewed, final selection complete, procurement nearly there, ready to hit the ground running early in the new year.
    They will be seeking out rev bens users to share experiences and wants/needs.
    Are you considering how your authority might provide a rev bens solution a different way? Join us here

13 December 2019

  • Ann Hall

    #Weeknote 3 

    Rob Manser from Basildon and Brentwood has been out and about attending and presenting at a variety of IRRV forums (or should it be fora?) across the country (Birmingham, Wigan, and London next week.) Lots of interest from attendees, a desire to hear more, and participate in user research as we move forward.


    User experience consultant interviews are on Monday 16th. Technical consultants are being sought; today (Friday 13th) is the closing date for submissions of interest.


    Don’t forget you can register your interest at Slack - LocalGov.Digital #rbdiscovery, or email [email protected],  or watch what happens here on pipeline. 

06 December 2019

  • Ann Hall



    Run by the @GDSacademy, our three days’ agile methodology training gave the #rbdiscovery team the tools to crack on and get stuff done. Shereen, our trainer, was fantastic, and made us all feel that the journey using agile is do-able.


    Patently there’s a lot to fit in a short time – we have to be done by the end of March 2020. By working in sprints, continually reviewing the product backlog, and our work, we should get there.


    Next on the list is getting our user-experience consultants, and technical consultants in place. The tender for both closed last night, so we’ll be looking at the bids next week. That also means the search for willing organisations to participate / and tell us what good would look like, starts right now.


    We want as many volunteer authorities as possible to engage with us on their Revenues and Benefits experience, as part of this essential user research, so please spread the word…Email [email protected] or message us via LocalGov.Digital at #rbdiscovery 

05 December 2019

  • Ann Hall

    3 days of intensive agile methodology training this week for the #rbdiscovery project team members from Teignbridge,E.Devon, Exeter, and Basildon/Brentwood 

29 November 2019

29 November 2019

  • Ann Hall

    #Weeknote 1 We are keeping the momentum up and have been working away developing the second of our consultancy specifications for the GDS Framework. This one is to procure technical support for the open source element of the project, as well as answer queries on the user research procurement that’s already out there.


    We have had some really positive feedback from councils we have spoken to so far – there’s real enthusiasm about the need for the project. Those we have spoken are keen to get involved with the research.


    The message seems to be getting out about what we are doing with articles appearing on social media, and twitter conversations going on, so that’s all really positive .The public slack channel #rbdiscovery is also up and running, so we are looking forward to engaging and collaborating with the wider world through that.


    Team members are really benefiting from the exposure to new digital collaboration tools and a real positive spin off from the project is how these are now being used in other parts of Teignbridge council.


    We will be presenting our project to the IRRV forum on the 3 December and looking forward to our 3 days agile for teams training next week.

21 November 2019

21 November 2019

  • Ann Hall

    Kick off meeting held on 14 November.  Agile training next week. #rbdiscovery