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Dear All,

As some of you may have noted, shortly before Xmas the Hon Secretary of State set out a proposal for innovative, pilot projects to look at ways of delivering statutory public notices that more befitted the 21st Century.

I blogged about it here...


Addiply has been working in the UK's hyperlocal ad space for the last eight years; we ran on GuardianLocal - when they did local and not the US... - we have won funding out of both the Technology Strategy Board for our Public API and from NESTA for a rural wifi portal for the community of Loddon, Norfolk....

Idea being that in return for the free wifi, I now have your location.

And into a mobile app, I can now deliver a Message.

Initially that was designed as an offer from the local Co-Op 150m away; but of late we have expanded that thinking to encompass a hyperlocal 'alert' as well as an ad.

That alert could be a localised flood alert... Or a planning alert.

The challenge is - together - to build the world's simplest mobile comms interface that will not only allow the local butcher, baker and candlestick maker to place a local commercial Message into a relevant mobile app... But also a junior comms person to deliver a municipal Message.

Be they from the planning dept, the health authority, the Environment Agency or the local police authority.

We build one interface that then acts as a standard comms console into location aware mobile apps.

Addiply Messages is already 95% built; what I am hoping to find is collaboratively-minded local authority partners to lead in terms of the funding application - one pilot, one authority with a prototype model that all can utilise.

For free.


Rick (Waghorn) CEO Addiply