01 September 2014 to 30 March 2018


Project Owner

Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council

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We believe in sharing... Do you?

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Comoodle is our idea for connecting people who have a passion to make their area better, giving everyone access to the resources we need and building trust through sharing.

We're developing an online platform for people to share and request stuff, space and skills from the public sector and other local organisations or individuals. These resources can then be accessed by anyone who wants to do good things in our communities.

We want Comoodle to enable us all to think ‘what can we do with what we’ve got?’ rather than ‘how much will this cost?’

This is a three year project supported by €1 million of funding from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge, a competition to inspire bold and creative ideas from European cities that will solve major urban challenges and improve people’s lives.

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