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This concept is for a single store for local government website content, with a secure API to push content and an open public API to pull content. Output from the API would be in JSON and/or XML format.

Where possible the API will adhere to standard schema or schema individual to local government, defined by Localo.

Content management systems could push content to the store via the API exclusively, or retain an additional local copy.

A single national site could be created based on this content, whilst councils could still maintain their own sites, should they wish to.

The public could create sites based on this content,for example hyperlocal sites across council boundaries or national sites on one topic, similar to Tell Me Scotland.

You can discuss this online here.

There is more about this concept in this blog post.


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    I'm up for giving this a go.
  • Joined simon gray
    This strikes me as something which actually ought to be reasonably quick and easy to implement the technology part of, with the content implementation potentially taking longer; I don't think the output needs to be a secure api - it could simply be offered in multiple presentation formats to allow councils choice in how they embed it on their own site; editing rights clearly need to be secure, and it could be done in such a way that alternative versions of the same piece of information could be offered for any given page.
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    I'm in, let's do this!