12 February 2015 to 31 December 2015


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Department for Communities and Local Government

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Piloting a method for local government to co-create digital assets and standards

This project will help a group of local authorities co-design & implement common data standards for their waste services – standards that could be adopted nationally to:

  • enable local authorities (LAs) to develop high quality citizen-facing waste services efficiently (with the knock-on benefit of reducing call volumes and failure demand)
  • enable LAs to work more effectively together (e.g. neighbouring boroughs collecting bins from 2 sides of the same road)
  • increase transparency around the performance of services, and of suppliers
  • enable LAs to move between suppliers more easily
  • enable ‘government as platform’ services so strongly advocated by the Service Transformation Challenge Panel Recommendations of November 2014.

The project aims to apply the Government Digital Service principles of best practice in service design to a local service problem. We hope to learn lots about collaborating and sharing service transformation assets across local authorities. To this end, we will document the process, the lesson learned, and all the assets created openly on this project page.

Visit our project's webpage here.