01 November 2015 to 01 February 2016


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Northamptonshire County Council

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We're working on an end-to-end assessment service for adult social care.

The purpose is to ensure that someone in need of support can complete every aspect from needing care to provision, online. Service users, carers or professionals can use the same suite of access points to get access to an assessment and support.

Workshops and design days have been held so far to work out the needs of the service in order to deliver the service to service users and in order to meet the statutory needs of the care act.

User stories can be shared soon!

So far the service is to be

Short term referral route

  1. screening
  2. referral to short term support (review scheduled for 6 weeks)
  3. if the service user has long term needs
  4. full needs assessment & financial assessment
  5. care plan & provision services

Long term needs

  1. screening
  2. long term support required
  3. full needs assessment & financial assessment
  4. care plan & provision services


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