25 July 2016 to 31 May 2017


Project Owner

West Berkshire Council

[email protected]

19 July 2016 View History

We are looking to create case management/tracking capability that can be used across the council.

The capability will be stand alone, with an API to integrate it with other capabilities and business systems. It will be built to the Local Government Digital Service Standard.

We will start by researching user needs and statutory requirements to build a business case to proceed to Alpha, and we are currently looking for other councils to work with us on the Discovery Phase.

Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] if you are interested.


  • Joined Phil Rumens
    I'm managing this project.
  • Joined Neil Lawrence
    I'd be interested in getting involved to see if a tracking system would meet Oxford's needs
  • Joined Richard Barton
    I am involved in similar work in central government. Would be good to share learning as the projects evolve. For example "case management" covers quite a few different things and it would be good to see how much different organisations and sectors can share e.g. compare and contrast outline architecture or wardley maps.
  • Joined Anthony Peake
    Hi Phil. Is this still an active project and are you interested in private sector involvement. Software Solved built a case management system 7 years ago and manages this for 150 charities currently. Happy to provide input and resources.