14 December 2016 to 21 December 2017


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Across the country, an increasing number of councils are considering a move away from the cost and complexity of a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System in favour of using a smaller, more versatile capability to record and manage requests for information and service from residents.

Local authorities including Cherwell District Council, Leeds City Council, South Northamptonshire District Council and West Berkshire Council are working with LocalGov Digital and Co-fund & Collaboration site CC2i on the first phase to discover the user needs and requirements to create a case management capability for councils.

If you’d like to get your council involved, at this stage all we’re asking for is your time.

We’ve create a new Slack channel and you can sign up to the Local Gov Digital Slack Team here with your gov.uk email address.

Alternatively, get in touch with CC2i by emailing [email protected] or phoning 07932 742 661 .

Update - 14/12/16

As part of the Discovery Phase we'll be running a workshop at Cherwell District Council in Banbury on 20 January 2017. Places at this workshop both in person and online are free, but limited to councils who would like to take an active role in the Discovery Phase.

If you'd like to know more sign up to the Local Gov Digital Slack Team here with your gov.uk email address or email [email protected].


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