Develop Pipeline into a portfolio reporting tool which supports collaboration ALPHA

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department ICT
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £0K > £50K
Key Contact Nic Teeman
Phase start 02 July 2018
Phase Estimated end 28 September 2018



Why the work is being done

We do not have a clear and consistent way of reporting and sharing the status of projects. We publish some projects in LocalGovDigital Pipeline which provides a clear visual summary for a programme and the status of individual projects. However, maintaining our own list and updating Pipeline is inefficient. If we could build a version of Pipeline that could be used for reporting on all our projects, whilst also sharing that data with other local authorities, then we could identify where we are working on similar projects to other organisations and establish where there are opportunities to work collaboratively..

Problem to be solved

Local authority IT/Digital teams need to report on their portfolio of projects easily, and in different formats (eg a subset of projects for a particular directorate). If local authorities knew what their peers were working on, there would be more opportunities for collaboration. But for a tool to work at scale, it needs to work for individual users. Making Pipeline into a valuable portfolio reporting tool would serve these dual aims. This may be through the tool generating reports, or acting as a repository of links to more detailed project documentation.

Who the users are and what they need to do

As a delivery manager I need to report once on the status of my project so that it’s easy to update stakeholders As a portfolio manager I need to see an overview of all my projects so that I can communicate our projects As a manager I want to see other authorities’ pipelines so that I can identify opportunities for collaboration.

Any work that’s already been done

We have developed some design principles for the tool, to explain our thinking: - The information is available publicly and in a machine-readable format, optimised for search - The product is the first port-of-call for more detailed information about a project - The product is so good people use it, and succeed first time - The product facilitates self-organising teams - The product focuses on what it does well, but doesn't try to do everything LocalGovDigital Pipeline ( currently provides the basis for reporting the status on a portfolio of work.

Existing team

The work will be led by a Delivery Manager in Hackney, but show & tells and sprint planning will be conducted via video to enable members of LocalGovDigital and other local authorities to inform the prioritisation of user stories.




Status Updates

04 October 2019

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06 December 2018

06 December 2018