Discovery and development of a minimum viable service for Temporary Accommodation DISCOVERY

Project details:

Organisation London Borough of Hackney
Department Customer services
Collaboration Level Open To Conversation
Budget £100k > £250k
Key Contact Jasmeen Sangha
Phase start 02 July 2018
Phase Estimated end 02 November 2018


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Hackney Council has around 3,000 families in temporary accommodation, living within the Borough and beyond. The current process for identifying and inspecting the accommodation, allocating it to families and managing their rent is unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. As part of our move away from Universal Housing, we want to develop a digital service to better support residents and the staff that serve them.

Through the Homelessness Reduction Act and the shortage of Temporary Accommodation, and it’s associated potential negative impact on outcomes, we want to support residents in finding viable alternative to TA - prevention and ‘move on’.The allocation of temporary accommodation (matching supply and demand) is paper-based The process of booking someone in to temporary accommodation can take over 45 minutes The current system does not support any digital interaction with the resident Inspections of accommodation are entirely paper-based

We may also be able to tackle: Payments to landlords are made via a legacy database Tenants in TA have no online means of seeing their statements or easy way to pay their bills




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